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What we do ?

Rugowit is a recruitment company registered in the Netherlands and active in the European Union. So far, we have been operating very successfully in the Netherlands since the beginning of the year 2018, and our customers who started working with us within the last year are still satisfied with our services.

That is the main reason they like to recommend us to other companies, which helps to distribute and improve our services.

What can we offer ?

Mediation in job acquisition. Our goal is to deliver the sufficient quantity of the highest quality staff for small, medium and large companies, according to the specifications of the employers.

Benefits from our services ?

A certain employee within the shortest possible time. There are no forward investments of time and money, and no risk that details are missed, to which we pay special attention.

What can customer except ?

Clear and prepared documentation with the profile of the employee that our partner is looking for. Availability of the candidate with the exact date and time of the possibility of arrival.

Professional fields ?

Metal professions, electrical and mechanical engineers, IT/ICT engineers, warehouse workers, flower growers, construction workers


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